JRT Trucking's primary focus is on safety. Not only do we strive to maintain exceptional safety standards, we make sure that each of our drivers and field personnel is Safeland and Safegulf certified. This ensures that they are able to recognize safety-sensitive situations and take the proper steps to correct the issue. 

JRT Trucking believes in the fundamental need of creating safe workplaces for employees no matter where they are working. Safe workplaces show our commitment to everyone's well-being and our desire to comply with regulations and laws. To JRT Trucking, safety is the responsibility of all management. We expect that our managers can:

  • Hold high standards in selecting employees
  • Keep the work environment safe
  • Ensure safety training is held on hire and ongoing
  • Use corrective action to stop unsafe acts
  • Follow JRT Trucking safety policies and procedures
  • Adhere to all levels of safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations
  • Hold employees to safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure future success and continued prosperity by managing and working with the commitment to safety

From the beginning, during the onboarding process, we focus on safe driving operations and continue this through training and our drivers' careers. We have a number of systems that ensure that all our employee drivers meet the safety standards we have set. Our team proactively deploys tools and technology that help to prevent accidents and promote a safety culture in our safe work environments. JRT Trucking prepares for unexpected emergencies since you can never know when an emergency will arise. We have our experts always assessing areas of risk and seeking solutions for risk mitigation so that we can reduce accidents and avoid actions that might be hazardous.

Our commitment to safety isn't just about our drivers. It is also a commitment to all our employees, customers, and carriers. We also extend this commitment across our operations, equipment, and technology. So if you have any concerns regarding safety, please fill out this form. This form is forwarded to all JRT members of management.  




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